Roles I've had

This info is also available as a PDF.

  • Rice University

    Teaching Assistant

    Fall 2022

    I'll be holding office hours and helping to grade for COMP 215, an introductory program design course that's taught in Java.

  • Plaid

    Software Engineering Intern




    I worked on the Liabilities, Investments, and Transactions team using Python, Go, and TypeScript. Among other things, I designed and implemented webhooks for the company's Recurring Transactions product.

  • ServiceNow

    Software Engineering Intern




    I worked on the Digital Portfolio Management team and helped implement necessary features for the 1.0 release of a plugin for the company platform. I primarily worked on the frontend with JS and CSS, and I also did some backend development in Java.

  • IBM

    Data Science Intern




    I built models using Python to analyze and quantify aspects of large public datasets, and I developed conclusions based on correlated trends.

  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Web Developer




    I designed and developed sites to host professors' research output with JS, CSS, and PHP on WordPress, and I built server maintenance tools using Python.